Dice & Fork was established in 2018 by Husband and Wife duo Kathy and Hayden Young. This bar and eatery is a passion project by the pair who wanted to spread their love for board games with going out and socalising.

Hayden and Kathy at Dice & Fork

Combining their skills they built Dice & Fork from the ground up. The concept was to create a fun, relaxing and unique dining environment to suit friends, workmates socialising, date nights or family gatherings.

Klifford when he’s not at work

Head Chef Klifford Quillopo entered the scene to take the food to the next level. Young and energetic, his passion for food has propelled him to an early Head Chef position. Keeping his ideas modern and with his influence his menu design continues to rotate always keeping ideas fresh and new. Whether you are here for Dinner, snacks, sharing plates or a selection of desserts we have got you sorted.

Dice & Fork now boasts a great board game collection paired with a flavorful dynamic food and drink menu.